Eva Yerbabuena

Last night, my girlfriend and I went to see the flamenco show of Eva Yerbabuena at Monterrey’s City Theather. The show was espectacular! I love flamenco dancing, and this woman’s interpretation of this kind of dance is mesmerizing. However, I hated the crowd! I can’t believe people in this town can’t dress and behave properly. Even if they can’t dress nice for the occation, at least they should be clean! I mention this because the guy to the left of my girlfriend stunk. If this is not enough, the guy to my right came in late, stood in my foot twice, and kept checking his cellphone… I was close to kill him!!!!

Anyway… even with this crowd, we were able to have a nice evening. Before the show, we stopped for a bite at a nice Argentinean restaurant, and after the show, we went to «Sanborns Cafe». There, I had a vanilla shake.

Left: This picture was taken at the Argentinean restaurant. Note the rocks covered in wax. Right: Vanilla shake.