I’m a long time U2 fan. I’ve seen them in concert many times and in many places. Obviously, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of looking at then in 3D, so I went with my wife to see the new movie U23D. I only went to watch a 3D movie in the past, probably in the 80’s. At that time, the 3D effects were not that great. With the improvement of technology, things get better, and 3D movies are not the exception. U23D is fantastic! I was amazed by the multiple layers of video you can watch at the same time, as well as the nice effects such as a bunch of letters falling from the sky while the band is playing «The Fly».

It is not I’m a U2 fan, but I strongly recommend to anyone to watch this movie. It has a great song selection from the «Vertigo» tour, which includes many classic songs. Still, if you are not a U2 fan, I would recommend you watch the movie only for the effects and the great sensations you’ll get from the new 3D experience.