Happy to be in Monterrey (Mexico, no CA)

This last December break my wife and I went to Mexico City to visit family and friends. It was only ten days, but it was more than enough to understand that we no longer belong there. Please don’t misunderstand me… we spent a wonderful time, but at the end, we found out that there is no place like home, and that home for us is now in Monterrey. Mexico City is chaotic, dirty, and too complex. Even during the vacations, everyplace was crowded.

In the other hand, Monterrey has treated us very well. My work is great, we are making new friends, the cultural offer has considerably increased in the last two years, and surprisingly I haven’t had any problems with being a transgender woman. In fact, I have to agree with the New York Times, which listed Monterrey in the place number 16 of 44 places to go in 2009. I would just add that Monterrey is not only a good place to visit, but also a good place to live. My wife and I have been in Monterrey for almost three years and, honestly, we don’t have plans to move anywhere else.